1) This stage includes everything you do before entering the studio or reaching the shooting location a) Post-production b) Stage c) Pre-production Stage d) Backdrop 2) The first full assemblage is shown to the ________, who makes further editing changes and creates the _______ cut a) Editor b) Camera person c) Director d) Actors 3) The most basic equipment in any and every production is ________ a) Phone b) Camera c) Laptop d) Studio 4) In television program production, the head of the production who is called_______ a) Director b) Editor c) Producer d) Camera Person 5) In a television production, the ______ is in-charge of directing the actors and technical operations. a) Director b) Editor c) Camera Person d) Producer 6) One of the basic requirements of television production is the script a) True b) False 7) An ____ is a person who presents a program formally on television a) Host b) Anchor c) Reporter d) Actor 8) The Production Assistant facilitates all that is required for the smooth execution of the television production a) False b) True 9) Both the producer and director are assisted by the production assistant a) True b) False 10) _______are the personnel who perform different roles according to the requirement of the script a) Director b) Actors c) Reporter d) Hosts 11) _________operate the cameras. They often do the lighting also for smaller productions. a) Camera Person b) Hosts c) Anchor d) Reporter 12) The ______ includes detailed information on the aural and visual aspects of your film, or, in other words, everything that is said and seen in your film a) Paper b) Script c) Editing d) Television 13) The _______ consists of drawings which show what the key shots will look like in your film, and how the shots and scenes will flow on from each other a) Sketchpad b) Notebook c) Journal d) Storyboard 14) Film editing is a creative and technical part of the post- production process of filmmaking. a) False b) True




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