1) What's criteria that students should consider when they choose a university? 2) What do you think a student should do before applying to an international university? 3) What qualifications should a student have to get a place at an international university? 4) Would you like to study abroad? Why/Why not? 5) What difficulties might an international student have? 6) Which universities in your country are good for international students? Why? 7) Why did you choose to study at your university? Did your parents or friends affect your choice? 8) What opportunities do you have as a student at your university? 9) What type of a student are/ were you?How do you feel about exams? 10) What was the best and worst thing about school? 11) What are the important factors in choosing your career? 12) What advice can you give to a person while he/she is choosing his/her career? 13) Have you been to the doctor recently? Why did you go? What did the doctor tell you? 14) What do you think about studying abroad? 15) Would you like to be an Erasmus student? Why/ Why not 16) What are the problems that Erasmus students might have when they study abroad?How can they solve these problems? 17) What do you know about student exchange programs?  18) What are the differences between the lifestyles of a college student and an employee? 19) What kind of advantages do mistakes bring? 20) What can a person do to have a better network? 21) Do you ever make list of things you need to do? What kinds of things do you put on it? 22) What are some obligations, rules, and laws in your country, school, library you can think of? 23) What do you have to do in order to pass this class? 24) What is something special you have celebrated? 25) How do you celebrate important events? 26) What are pollution problems in your country? What can you do to prevent these problems? 27) What can you do to help the environment? 28) What can the governments do to help the environment? 29) What changes have you made in your life in the last decade? 30) What changes are you going to make in your life in the next decade? 31) What does a traditional engagement party in your country look like?

Questions For Speaking Task (UNIT 5-7)




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