1) How many scores can you get for writing? a) 10 b) nobody knows c) 14 d) 15 2) How many words you're supposed to write in your writing? a) 100 b) 100-150 c) 150-170 words  3) If you have 3 tasks in your writing, you can give answers to at least 2 of them  (*a task - один из пунктов в вашем письменном задании) a) TRUE (bc 2/3 is also good) b) FALSE (bc you have to answer all questions) 4) You lose all scores for a task if you copy it in your writing (1 task = 2 scores) a) TRUE b) FALSE 5) You can't omit (опустить) a greeting (Hello... Dear Sir/Madam...) and an ending (Best wishes,... Yours faithfully,...)  a) TRUE b) FALSE 6) You have to write at least 2 sentences for each task  a) FALSE b) TRUE 7) You're allowed to have 3 word choice (lexical) mistakes a) FALSE b) TRUE 8) You're allowed to have 8 light grammar mistakes a) TRUE b) FALSE 9) Tick rude grammar mistakes (note that if you have one of them, you lose 1 point for 1 task) a) wrong word order b) the wrong spelling of words c) the wrong use of singular and plural nouns d) the wrong use of grammar tenses  e) the wrong use of an infinitive f) wrong punctuation  10) You must use linking words in your writing and break your text into paragraphs a) TRUE b) FALSE 11) You cannot use contactions (I'm, You'll...) in your formal letter a) FALSE b) TRUE 12) You have to use contactions (I'm, You'll...) in your informal letter a) TRUE b) FALSE 13) You can't use informal idioms and phrasal verbs in a formal letter  a) FALSE b) TRUE 14) You are expected to use idioms and phrasal verbs in your informal letter   a) TRUE b) FALSE

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