1) what is my faovrite color a) red b) purple c) blue d) pink e) orange f) green 2) what should i do a) play a game b) be bored c) be fun d) work e) watch TV 📺 f) just make quizzes 3) what is my favorite food a) mulukiya b) mansaf c) maglooba d) fasooliya e) bamya f) nothing 4) when is my birthday a) 4 april b) 6 april c) 21 may d) 15 august 5) what is my favorite theme a) soft b) modern c) nothing d) food e) harry potter f) everything 6) when are we playing a) know b) never c) after an hour d) after a minute e) when you finsih the quiz f) later 7) what time do i sleep a) 9 pm b) 8 pm c) 12 pm d) 5 am e) 11 pm f) 10 pm 8) look at the lights what is pretty about them a) how pretty it is b) so mesmerizing c) idl them d) how ugly they are e) how it is so firey 9) why am i bored a) cause theres nothing to do b) im sitting c) im doing nothing d) noone wants to play with me e) just cause f) nothing 10) why does my head hurt a) idk b) idk c) idk d) idk e) idk f) idk 11) how should i make my head stop hurting a) get panadol b) sleep c) see tv d) forget about it 12) what do you like about school a) studying b) finishing it c) getting it over with d) playing e) making friends f) teachers 13) what is my favorite country a) italy b) jordan c) turkey d) china e) new yorl f) all of them 14) what is that sound a) chips b) screaming silence c) TV 📺 d) it changes e) it changes every second f) idk 15) yoga or exercise a) yoga b) exercise c) both d) none e) idk 16) which of these paintings are prettier a) first one b) second one c) third one d) fourth one e) fifth one f) sixth one 17) favorite diseny movie a) snow white b) aurora c) tiana d) moana e) little mermaid f) all 18) favorite hair color a) black b) red c) pink d) rainbow e) brown f) none 19) favorite exercise a) star jumps b) roll ins c) planks d) ab hold stuff e) apple mans f) dances 20) favorite eye color a) black b) golden c) silver d) rainbow e) brown f) green




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