1) What does "have a heart of gold" mean? a) Be generous, sincere and friendly b) The perfect chance c) The odd or bad member of the group d) Straight forward, very clear e) Very jealous f) Very rarely 2) What does "be as good as gold" mean? a) Treat someone like royalty b) Be very angry c) An innocent lie to protect another person's feelings feelings d) A person (normally a child) who behaves very well e) The perfect chance f) catch someone in the act of doing something wrong orong or illegal 3) What does "a golden handshake" mean? a) Someone who's extremely valuable b) Extra money to spend however one likes c) A large amount of money given to someone important when they leave their job d) To receive a challenge e) Money that can be earned without much effort f) To earn a lot of money 4) What does "to give someone the green light" mean? a) To get very upset at someone b) A person who is really successful growing plants or working in a garden. c) To be very successful. To thrive. d) To express absolute certainty about something. e) Good luck f) To give someone permission to do something. 5) What does "to be green" mean? a) Signs that something is revitalizing. Often it is used in connection with the economy. b) An inexperienced person. Someone that is extremely naive. c) To discover wealth or success d) When someone tries to get or achieve something that is difficult or impossible e) Someone who is immature, or inexperienced f) Used to describe someone who lacks personality, and is really boring 6) What does "green with envy" mean? a) To look ill b) sed to describe someone who is extremely jealous, full of envy c) To give an object unworthy wealth. d) period of time when something or someone was very successful. e) People are never satisfied with what they have f) Something or someone that provides an opportunity for one to become very successful




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