1) _______ The Button a) Press b) Push c) Pull d) Hit e) Red 2) _____ Rockstars a) Oh Yeah b) Times Tables c) Divison d) Yup 3) What Speed Does MOST Planes Fly At? a) Supersonic b) Transonic c) Subsonic d) Super Duper Supersonic 4) What Company Built the Pendolino a) Bombardier b) Alstom c) Simens d) Pendolino Trains e) Something Trains 5) ______ Secrets a) Board b) Grass c) Lawnmower d) Classroom e) Oven f) Hoover 6) How many People Could Concorde Board? a) 45 b) 100 - 120 c) 276 d) 1 e) 84 f) 69 7) What Year Did The Victorians BEGIN? a) 1245 b) 1456 c) 1837 d) 1901 e) 104 f) 2230 8) ________ Victoria a) Queen b) King c) Prince d) Princess 9) Ant and _____ a) Mullhern b) Stephen c) Dec d) Ant 10) In For A _____ a) Penny b) Grand c) ITV d) Oscar 11) Tesco And ____ a) Asda b) Morisons c) Aldi d) Lidl e) Supermarket 12) Jado Kuin ____ a) Path b) Train c) Do d) Don't 13) Whats The Highest Grade On Jado Kuin Do,Which Is A COLOURED BELT a) Purple b) Brown c) Black d) White 14) Childern And _______ Childern a) Son b) Grand c) 0h yeah d) Small 15) Planes trains And _____ a) Automoblie b) Pies c) Chips d) Alcohol 16) Dish_____ a) Dryer b) Water c) Washer d) Eater 17) 3,6,9,12,15,18,__ a) 20 b) 30 c) 21 d) 25 18) Zoomy_____ a) Mama b) Dad c) Caller d) Pizza 19) See____ a) Eyes b) Nose c) saw 20) Whats the channel that Requires A TV Licencse a) ITV b) Channel 4 c) Channel 5 d) BBC




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