This is my husband. He is a doctor. He is a tall man with curly dark hair and tanned skin. , Это муж Сары. Он полноватый человек со светлыми волосами., My grandparents are not very old. They live in the countryside., Мои бабушка и дедушка очень счастливы., I don't agree with you. , Я не согласен с тобой. , Why don't you agree with me?, What are you talking about?, О чем вы разговариваете?, The teacher is talking to our new student., The new student is very good-looking., Она очень худенькая., У нее длинные светлые волосы., Are you married?, Вы женаты?, What are you doing here, I wonder?, Look at her, she is waving at you., Она машет тебе рукой. , My elder sister brings me up, because my parents work a lot., He always argues with teachers. Teachers don't like him., Please, stop arguing. , Он всегда спорит с родителями., This boy is in love with Pauline., I am in love with you because you are so beautiful., Он влюблен в эту девочку., You look like your mother. , Ты похожа на свою тетю., I've got a lot of cousins. They live in different cities. , Мои тетя и дядя живут в Канаде., Look at them, they are having a chat. , I don't want to have a discussion with you. I want to sleep., I don't want to talk about it. , Я не хочу говорить о политике., I would like to talk to your parents., I am thinking about summer., What are you thinking about?, О чем ты думаешь?, This girl is very good-looking and clever, but she is also lazy., Учитель говорит, что ты ленивый., He is my best friend!, Мой друг по переписке живет в Канаде., These two girls are alike., Эти две картины похожи., She regularly goes to the gym., At present I am thinking about changing my job., She is overweight., Why are you holding this money? It belongs to me!, Эта машина принадлежит моему папе., Give me this ring - it doesn't belong to you. It is my mother's., Can you look after my cat while I am away?.

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