1) __________ glass and plastic containers to protect the environment a) recycle b) throw away c) preserve 2) Don't __________ rubbish in the river a) reuse b) dump c) reduce 3) Emissions from cars __________ the air a) save b) protect c) pollute 4) We must __________ animals from illegal hunters a) destroy b) protect c) bury 5) Non-environmentally friendly people usually pollute the water of rivers and __________ fish a) poison b) recycle c) save 6) Don't __________ old batteries a) poison b) throw away c) protect 7) You should take a shower to __________ water a) Save b) Waste c) pollute 8) "Zonzamas" is a landfill site. People __________ rubbish in the ground. a) bury b) poison c) protect

Vocabulary: Environment verbs




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