1) The FA Cup final ...at Wembley. a) is held b) is hold c) holds 2) Modern footballs...of plastic.  a) is made b) are made c) make 3) Water polo...in a swimming pool. a) play b) is playing c) is played 4) The record ... by an American. a) aren't held b) isn't held c) held 5) Strawberries ...at Wimbledon. a) is eaten b) are ate c) are eaten 6) I think the gold medal ...by the Chinese gymnast. a) will win b) will be won c) will won 7) CDs ...in shops in the future. a) aren't going to be sold b) aren't going to be sell c) aren't going to sold 8) The new James Bond film...in Jamaica. a) is going to be made b) is going to be make c) is being to make 9) Books...on paper in the future. a) won't be print b) won't be printed c) will not be print 10) The Olympics...every four years. a) are held b) are being hold c) are holding




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