1) In the morning I ________. a) play video games b) get up c) brush my teeth 2) I _________ every day. a) take a shower b) wash my face c) go to bed 3) I ___________ every morning. a) have lunch b) have dinner c) have breakfast 4) I _________ after every meal. a) wash my hands b) take a shower c) brush my teeth 5) I _________ every afternoon. a) have breakfast b) have lunch c) have dinner 6) I _________ in the morning. a) wash my face b) take a shower c) take a bath 7) I ________ on the weekends. a) study b) go to sleep c) go to the supermarket 8) I _________ at 10 pm. a) sleep b) wake up c) get up 9) I ___________ once a week. a) go to the park b) run c) go to school

5th Grade (Daily Routines)




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