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1) Who was married to Ahab? a) Delilah b) Jezebel c) Ruth d) Orpah 2) Who was sent to Nineveh? a) Jonah b) Elijah c) Elisha 3) Name a tribe of Israel a) Gad b) Benjamin c) Moab 4) When was Jesus born? a) 5BC b) 0BC c) 0AD 5) What emperor was ruling when Jesus was born? a) Caesar b) Augustus c) Octavius 6) How many wise men were there? a) Three b) We don't know c) Many 7) How many disciples did Jesus have? a) 10 b) 11 c) 12 8) What is the oldest known religion? a) Islam b) Hinduism c) Christianity 9) Jewish festival to celebrate freedom a) Seder meal b) New Year c) Passover 10) salty water represents a) the food b) The red sea c) slaves tears 11) bitter herbs represents a) The suffering b) The starvation c) The lack of food 12) Muslims believe in the following prophets a) Jesus b) Mohammad c) Elijah 13) Judaism is based on the... a) Old Testament b) New Testament c) The bible 14) The Hindus holy book is called the... a) Vedas b) Quoran c) Mumbai 15) The Jewish holy books is the... a) Torah b) The Old Testament c) The New Testament 16) Jews worship in a... a) Synagogue b) Temple c) Mosque 17) A type of Christianity a) Catholicism b) Amish c) Protestantism 18) Who started the Church of England? a) Henry VII b) Henry VIII c) Elizabeth I 19) Who is the head of the Catholic church? a) The queen b) The king c) The pope 20) Who is the founder of Buddhism? a) Sid b) Siddarta Gutama c) Buddha 21) The Pharaoh's other child... a) Ben b) Rameses c) Dave 22) Moses led the people across the... a) Mediterranean b) Dead Sea c) Red sea 23) The last book of the bible is... a) John b) Mathew c) Revelations 24) The following disciple betrayed Jesus... a) John b) Judas c) Thomas 25) The Christian festival that celebrates Jesus' resurrection... a) Easter b) Christmas c) Lent 26) The day Lent starts is called... a) Pancake day b) Shrove Tuesday c) Ash Wednesday 27) In Year 3 you went to which church? a) The King's Centre b) St Johns c) St Mathews 28) The wise men brought gifts... a) silver b) myrrh c) gold 29) Mary was engaged to a) Joseph b) Herod c) Augustus 30) The name of the angel in the nativity a) Julie b) Sally c) Gabriel


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