1) When you … to the station the train ... a) got / had already left b) got / left c) had got / had left d) had got / left 2) He … very cold because he … his coat. a) had been / wasn't taking b) was / hadn't taken c) was / wasn' taking d) had been / didn't take 3) Last night Mary … a dream about getting a cat for her birthday. a) had had b) has had c) had d) was having 4) Jason … in a hammock while Judy … the plants in the garden. a) was lying / was watering b) was lying / had been watering c) were lying / had watered d) lied / watered 5) Mary and Peter … when Linda … them. a) were rollerblading / called b) was rollerblading / called c) had been rollerblading / was calling d) were rollerblading / had called 6) We … the pyramids before we … to Egypt in 2018. a) never saw / had gone b) had never seen / had been going c) had never seen / went d) had never seen / had gone 7) His clothes … dirty because he … into the mud. a) was / fell b) were / had fallen c) had been / had fallen d) had been / was falling 8) Kate and Mark ... dinner in a restaurant when I … them. a) had / had seen b) had had / had seen c) were having / saw d) were having / had seen




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