1) Who are some of the characters from the story? a) Daniel, Tanya, Ms. Fornello, Miss Lodge b) Ms. Blue, Jeremy, Samantha and Tanya c) Mr. Browne, Trevor and Stacy 2) What did Daniel do to Trevor? a) He punched Trevor. b) He pantsed Trevor. c) He told all the kids in 8th grade not to be friends with Trevor. 3) Who is Ms. Fornello? a) The math teacher b) The principal c) The guidance counselor 4) Why does Principal Owen offer the school greeter position to Daniel? a) He bullied Nelson. b) He is a responsible kid. c) Daniel is Principal Owen's favorite student. 5) What were 3 effects of Daniel bullying Nelson? a) He got a detention. He has to do community service. He has to apologize to Nelson. b) He was called to Ms. Fornello's office. He was asked to be a greeter at the open house. He will work with Jeff at the open house.  c) He got suspended. His bullying is being recorded on his permanent record. He has to speak to other bullies about bully prevention. 6) Why didn't Daniel apologize to Nelson about bullying him? a) He hates Nelson. b) He wanted to make fun of Nelson's boxers. c) He did apologize for his behavior. 7) What does Daniel do on the weekends? a) He plays basketball. b) He plays football. c) He works at Handy Hardware. 8) How does Daniel act differently at school and at Handy Hardware? a) He is a bully at school. He is polite to customers at Handy Hardware. b) He is polite at school. He is rude to customers at Handy Hardware. c) He acts the same at both places. 9) How does Jeff's dad treat Jeff? a) Jeff's dad is mean to him. b) Jeff's dad is nice to him. c) Jeff and his dad are best buddies. 10) How does Daniel act at movie night? a) He falls asleep because the movie is so boring. b) He quietly watches the movie. c) He is rude to the girl in front of him. 11) What does Daniel think of Tanya? a) He thinks she is a dork. b) He likes her. c) He doesn't really know her. 12) Who is Abby? a) She is a dork that Tanya and the sidekicks tripped. b) She is a bully. c) She is a kid who worked at the flu clinic. 13) How does Daniel feel about Abby calling him a bully like Tanya. a) He is happy, because he wants kids to be afraid of him. b) He is mad, because he doesn't consider himself to be a bully. c) He is mad at Abby and starts yelling at her. 14) What happened to Tanya and the sidekicks after they tripped Abby? a) They were told to work the flu clinic. b) They were suspended. c) They got a detention. 15) Who came to the school on the day of the flu clinic? a) Bully prevention experts b) Researchers from the University of Montreal c) Nurses to help administer flu shots 16) What surprising thing does Daniel at the flu clinic? a) He helps check people in at the clinic. b) He bullies kids in the gym. c) He stands up for Abby by saying she does not have lice. 17) What happened at the flu clinic? a) Evie passed out when she got her flu shot. b) A little girl got sick and threw up. c) Someone ate all the food at the clinic. 18) How are the sidekicks getting their comeuppance at the flu clinic? a) They had to clean up after sick kids at the clinic. b) They didn't get their comeuppance. They are having a great time. c) They got bullied at the clinic.




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