1) Name the two types of behaviour 2) Describe innate behaviour 3) What type of behaviour results from observing others? 4) Give one example of an adaptation and describe how it benefits the organism 5) What is the name for a random change to the genetic material? 6) What is the name for two different forms of a gene? 7) On what structure is DNA stored on in the nucleus? 8) Where is DNA found in the cell 9) Give an example of a disadvantageous mutation 10) What is the only source of new alleles in a population? 11) True or false – mutations can be advantageous, disadvantageous or have no effect at all. 12) What is a mutagenic agent? 13) Give an example of a mutagenic agent 14) What is the name of the process where animals with a selective advantage pass on these alleles? 15) Why do animals with a selective advantage pass on these alleles and disadvantageous alleles die out? 16) Explain natural selection using the peppered moth as an example 17) What is a species? 18) What are the four stages of speciation? 19) Which form of the peppered moth will survive in industrialised environments? 20) What is the term describing the role that a species plays in its environment?

S3 adaptations and natural selection




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