1) Kevin is a friend of mine ___________works at a electronics  store. a) who b) which c) where d) whose 2) The document ________is attached to the e-mail I sent you in my résumé. a) where b) whose c) that d) who 3) Cindy, __________computer keeps shutting down ,accidentally downloaded a virus. a) that b) where c) whose d) which 4) Mexico,_____________my husband was born ,is a beautiful country. a) who b) where c) which d) whose 5) That´s my classmate Natalia,________________ father wrote a book last year. a) that b) which c) where d) whose 6) This application ,___________ is a new publishing app, helps you stay up to date on the latest news stories. a) that b) which c) where d) whose

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