1) Our plane leaves at 16:00, we need to ______ five hours before. a) check in b) get in c) take off 2) I didn't have vacations this year, I need to ______ for a week. a) pick up b) drop off c) get away 3) We are late! The train ______ in 5 minutes! a) gets away b) gets in c) drops off 4) This trip is taking too long and I am too tired, can we ______ in the next city? a) stop over b) pick up c) touch down 5) The plain to Paris ______ at 12:00, please arrive on time to pick me up. a) gets off b) sets off c) touches down 6) When do you leave to Brazil? I want to ______ you ______. a) pick up b) see off c) set off 7) We will be at the airport soon. I will ______ you ______ at the main entrance. a) pick up b) drop off c) get away 8) I always get scared when the plane ______, but after that I feel better. a) takes off b) sets off c) gets off 9) We need to ______ the bus at 13:00 in order to be on time for the check in. a) get in b) drop off c) get on 10) I will ______ you ______ around 10:00 am so we can be at the airport at 11:00 am. a) drop off b) pick up c) get on 11) We need to ______ early if we want to enjoy the rest of the day on the beach. a) set off b) see off c) take off 12) After you take the bus, you have to ______ on St. Paul Street and take the first turning on the right. a) stop over b) get off c) check in 13) We need to ______ at 12:00, so we have to wake up early to organize our suitcases before that. a) check out b) set off c) drop off

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