1) Where is the Grand Canyon? a) In South America b) In North America c) In the USA d) In England 2) Which river runs through the Grand Canyon? a) Thames b) Loara c) Colorado 3) How long is the Grand Canyon? a) 144 km long b) 446 km long c) 1446 km long 4) How deep is the Grand Canyon? a) three kilometres b) four kilometres c) two kilometres 5) What's the name of the glass bridge? a) Skywalk b) Bridgewalk c) Canyonwalk 6) Which sports can you do there? a) swimming b) hiking c) cycling d) rafting 7) How many people visit the Grand Canyon every year? a) about one million b) about four thousands c) about four millions 8) What do you have to wear if you want to go for a walk there? a) swimming suit b) hat c) flip-flops




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