Retail buyer - He/she buys products that clients want from suppliers, To provide - To supply, Employment agency - A business that helps people to find work and employers to find workers, Staff - All the workers employed in an organization considered as a group, To specialize - To become an expert in a particular area of work, study or business, Colleague - A person you work with, Competitor - A person or an organization that competes against others, especially in business, Subsidiary - A business company owned or controlled by another company, Trainee - A person who is being taught how to do a particular job, Employee - A person who is paid to work for somebody, Reliable - That can be trusted to do something well, To deal with - To do business with a person, a company or an organization, Trust - The belief that something is true or correct or that you can rely on it, User-friendly - Easy for people who are not experts to use or understand, Helpful - Useful, willing to help somebody, Customer - A person or an organization that buys goods or services from a shop or business,




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