Do you believe in …?  (asking for an opinion), Do you think everybody should …?  (asking for an opinion), Would you consider …? (asking for an opinion), Are you for or against …?  (asking for an opinion), Would you prefer/ rather …?  (asking for an opinion), What do you think is the problem between … and …? (asking for an opinion), What are the advantages and disadvantages…? (asking for an opinion), The main/ most important thing is…   (presenting arguments), Primarily / Most importantly, .....  (presenting arguments), First of all, / Firstly, to begin with …  (presenting arguments), I’d start by … / For a start, …  (presenting arguments), There’re two points/ problems here. Firstly, … Secondly, …  (presenting arguments), Moreover / You also have to consider ...... (presenting arguments), In my opinion, … / In my view, …  (giving an opinion), I strongly believe in …  (giving an opinion), I definitely think that …  (giving an opinion), Well, if you ask me, …  (giving an opinion), I believe / I strongly believe / I have a reason to believe .... (giving an opinion), I’m sure/ pretty sure that… (giving an opinion), Exactly! / Precisely! / Absolutely! / That’s right! [choose 1] (expressing agreement with others), That’s so true! / I couldn’t agree with you more! (expressing agreement with others), I’m with you on that. (expressing agreement with others), That’s exactly what I think.  (expressing agreement with others), That’s just how I see it.  (expressing agreement with others), My feelings exactly. (expressing agreement with others), I'll say! You can say that again! (expressing agreement with others), Yes, perhaps, however ...  (agreeing in part), Well, yes, but ...  (agreeing in part), Yes, in a way, however ...  (agreeing in part), Yes, I agree up to a point, however ...  (agreeing in part), Well, you have a point there, but ...  (agreeing in part), There's something there, I suppose, however...  (agreeing in part), I guess you could be right, but ...  (agreeing in part), Yes, I suppose so, however ...  (agreeing in part), That's worth thinking about, but ... (agreeing in part), I respectfully disagree entirely.  (expressing complete disagreement), On the contrary!  (expressing complete disagreement), I wonder whether that’s the case.  (expressing complete disagreement), Hmmm, I’m not sure about that..  (expressing complete disagreement), I’m not so certain. (expressing complete disagreement), Well, I’m not sure whether you can really …  (expressing complete disagreement), I’d like to say something about that.  (interrupting politely), May I say/ add/ ask something?  (interrupting politely), Hold on / Hold on a second  (holding the floor), Yes, I was about to mention that.  (holding the floor), Sorry, I haven’t finished yet …  (holding the floor), I’m almost done …  (holding the floor), If you could just give me a second .... (holding the floor).

Language & Phrases for Discussion (BOS - Task 2)




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