1) The boy flew a__________ kite (adjective) a) red b) dog c) running 2) The dog slept on a _________ dog bed. (adjective) a) car b) soft c) juggle 3) The pizza out of the oven is ______________! (adjective) a) dancing b) box c) hot 4) She ate the ____________ brownies. (adjective) a) gooey b) table c) sleeping 5) I just bought a __________ shirt. (adjective) a) blue b) knee c) skip 6) He moved into a new ________. (noun) a) pretty b) spit c) house 7) Today I went to_________. (noun) a) school b) sharp c) hop 8) The __________ jumped on my lap. (noun) a) eat b) cat c) furry 9) My ________ called me this morning. (noun) a) mom b) green c) punch 10) I got a ________ for my birthdY a) swim b) rectangle c) gift 11) We ___________ at the pool. (verb) a) swam b) car c) purple 12) I ________ on the trampoline. (verb) a) girl b) hard c) jumped 13) I __________ around the track. (verb) a) sticky b) ran c) van 14) I _________ my bike to school. (verb) a) cookie b) hot c) rode 15) He ________ 3 donuts for breakfast. (verb) a) ate b) elbow c) dirty

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