1) stars and planets a) astro b) auto c) bio d) chron 2) self a) geo b) dynamics c) electro d) auto 3) time a) hydro b) meter c) micro d) chron 4) paleo a) light b) very old c) circle or globe d) write or record 5) neo a) the study of b) to see or observe c) from a distance d) brand new 6) kinetic a) water b) movement c) very old d) heat 7) macro a) very small b) big c) very old d) brand new 8) phone a) time b) light c) sound d) call 9) hydro a) oxygen b) water c) animal d) write or record 10) photo a) picture b) album c) light d) plant 11) scope a) far way b) to measure c) to see or observe d) medical 12) therm a) time b) temperature c) heat d) sound

Barton 10.7 Pac Man Greek Combining Forms





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