1) The Hebrew word for good deed a)  Todah b) Mitzvah c) Shalom 2) Candles are lit every Friday evening to a) Welcome the Shabbat b) Warm the Synagogue c) Light the way for incoming ships 3) The Havdalah marks the end of the a) Torah reading b) Summer vacation c) Shabbat 4) The sound of the Shofar reminds you to a) That Shabbat day is ended b) Run around the block c) Tell anybody you have hurt that you are sorry 5) The Torah Scroll is written in a) Egyptian on papyrus b) Hebrew on parchment c) Yiddish on paper 6) When you have put something into the Tzedakah box you should a) Boast about it b) Enjoy the good feeling c) take something out for yourself 7) A mezuzah can be seen on a) A Piano b) A celling c) The doorpost 8) The first two letters of the Hebrew Alefbet a) Alef and Lamed b) Dalet and Mem c) Alef and Bet 9) The special scroll we read on Purim is called a a) Megillah b) Torah c) Hagaddah 10) The time to do a Mitzvah is a) In Hebrew school b) When you are told to c) Anytime, anywhere

Our Jewish Holidays and Customs




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