1) Can you ________ your name correctly? a) rite b) write 2) I _______ out the wet cloth a) ring b) wring 3) I was ________ when I it someone. a) wrong b) rong 4) There is a bird called a ________. a) ren b) wren 5) The ________ had chicken and lettuce in. a) wrap b) rap 6) I _______ a letter to my grandma. a) rote b) write c) wrote d) written 7) The young gorillas _________ with each other a) restle b) wrestle c) wrestal d) restal 8) The worm ______________ its tail. a) wroggles b) riggles c) rigglles d) wriggles 9) I _______ the wet clothes out. a) rung b) wrung c) wringed 10) My gran has lots of __________________. a) wrinkles b) rinkles c) rinklles d) wrinkle 11) I wear a watch on my _____________. a) wrist b) rist c) wrisst d) risst 12) Please don't ________ the flower bed when playing football. a) reck b) rec c) wreck d) wrec




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