1) I play a) I don't play b) I not play c) I doesn't play 2) She sings a) She don't sing b) She doesn't sing c) She doesn't sings 3) We have lunch a) We don't have lunch b) We not have lunch c) We aren't lunch 4) I am Sarah a) I aren't Sarah b) I don't am Sarah c) I'm not Sarah 5) I like fish a) I liken't fish b) I don't like fish c) I not like fish 6) You are my best friend a) You don't are my best friend b) You doesn't my best friend c) You aren't my best friend 7) Jack plays the guitar a) Jack doesn't play the guitar b) Jack isn't play the guitar c) Jack don't play the guitar 8) We go to school a) We don't go to school b) We aren't go to school c) We gon't to school 9) They watch TV a) They doesn't watch TV b) They don't watch TV c) They aren't watch TV 10) Susan is happy a) Susan doesn't is happy b) Susan aren't happy c) Susan isn't happy

Inglese: trasforma nella forma negativa (simple present)




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