1) Sunniest a) The most sunny b) What kind of day? A sunny day. c) Being sunny 2) Lobbyist a) The most lobby b) Person who lobbies c) Act like a lobby 3) Electricity a) Able to electric b) What kind? Electric c) Being electric 4) Relentless a) Full of relent b) Without relent c) Quality of relent 5) babyish a) Act like a baby b) What kind? A baby. c) Being a baby 6) Happier a) Quality of happy b) Process of getting happy c) Between 2, one is more happy. 7) copyist a) Act like a copy b) Person who copies c) Being copy 8) raspier a) Between 2, one is more raspy b) What kind? Raspy c) Act raspy 9) dandyish a) Person who is dandy b) Being dandy c) Behave/Act dandy 10) Luckiness a) Without Luck b) Quality of being lucky c) Person who is lucky




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