Rami ____ the ball slipped and it slipped ____ Marcus' fingers as he missed the catch. Marcus ____ it is time for him to buy a ____ glove if he was going to have a better chance at catching the ball. Marcus did not want to ____ a glove and did not know ____ to start looking for one. Marcus did not ____ what kind of glove to get so he asked his friend Rami because he would not say ____ to helping him. Rami said to get a glove for the hand that he uses to ____ with which was his ____ hand. Rami ____ with Marcus down the ____ on their bikes to the local sports shop. Marcus picked out a ____ colored glove and took it home to try it out! Marcus held up his glove said, "Rami, throw ____!" and as Rami pitched the ball the boys both were please to ____ the sound of the ball hit the back of his glove.




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