How many stages of education are there in Belarus? - There are 5 stages of education in Belarus: pre-school, primary, secondary, higher and postgraduate., Is education in Belarus free? - Yes, education is free except higher education., Pre-school education is not compulsory, is it? - Yes, it is. Pre-school education is not compulsory., At what age do children in Belarus start going to school? - They start going to school at the age of six., What happens when pupils are 15? - When pupils are 15, they can either leave school or contunue studying in the 10th form., At what age do pupils finish school? - They finish school at the age of 17., Where can pupils continue education after the 9th form? - They can go to vocational training schools or colleges., Who has a chance to enter a university? - Most successful pupils can take exams and enter a university., How many official languages are there within the education system? - There are two official languages: Russian and Belarussian and pupils can be taught in either of them., How long does higher education last? - Higher education lasts for 4 or 5 years.,

E10 U9 L1. Education in Belarus




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