1) Newspaper headlines about video games a) only talk about violent games. b) always present the same view. c) do not tell the truth. d) usually present a negative view. 2) You learn to think about things in three dimensions when you a) play combat games. b) play any kind of video game. c) study engineering and maths. d) do scientific studies. 3) Research shows that role-playing games a) are the only games that make children more creative. b) do not provide as many benefits as violent games. c) help children to do well at school. d) help children to learn how to use computers. 4) The report also suggests that video gamers a) spend a lot of time on their own. b) learn some useful skills by playing with others. c) usually fail in other areas of their lives. d) spend a lot of time feeling anxious. 5) According to the report, the effect of video games on children a) is mostly good. b) is mostly bad. c) is not known. d) is not very important.




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