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ingredients: - You will need the following ingredients sugar and egg white., meat, - If you like meat you'll love my new meatshake., weeks: - Your assessment starts in a couple of weeks you will need to prepare., lorries; - My dad likes driving lorries I prefer travelling in car., Manchester; - It's snowing in Manchester the sun's shining in Wigan., Saturday: - I can't wait until Saturday my new books arrive., moment: - School's really good at the moment we're doing an interesting topic., eye: - I've got a black eye I should stop fighting with my brother., working: - The computer isn't working I think it needs new RAM., tomorrow: - I wont be in school tomorrow it's Saturday., today's - Maybe the boys would like to try todays special?, Who's - Whos got the menu?, rope. - The climber grabbed hold of the rope he pulled on it to make sure it was secure., climb, - Before beginning to climb he checked his rope one last time., Stop! - Stop, paragraphs? - Why do rhetorical questions work so well at the end of paragraphs,

Copy of general punctuation quiz


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