1) The ' < ' symbol means (Use this as example 670<777 a) equal to b) less than c) greater than 2) The > symbol means (Example: 999>111) a) greater than b) less than c) plus d) add 3) = symbol means a) the same as b) equal to c) equivalent to d) add e) subtract 4) Fill in the blank:1l =_______ a) 400ml b) 500ml c) 1000ml 5) 2100ml is equivalent to a) 2l 100ml b) 5l c) 7l d) 2.1litres 6) Which number sentence is correct? Select all that are correct! a) 500ml=500ml b) 450ml> 560ml c) 3l>6l d) 4l 500ml < 5500ml




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