1) Are you a teacher? a) No, I'm not. I'm a student.  b) Yes, I am. c) Yes, she is. 2) Can it swim? a) No, it can't. But it can walk. b) Yes, I can. c) No, I can't. 3) Is he short? a) No, he isn't. He's long. b) No, he isn't. He is tall. c) Yes, I am. 4) Can you spell your name? a) Yes, I can. 1-2-3-4-5. b) Yes, I can. M-A-R-K. c) No, I can't. 5) Can the fly? a) Yes, they can. b) Yes, I can. c) They aren't pilots. 6) Is he an actor? a) No, she isn't. b) Yes, he is. c) Yes. He is my favourite actor. 7) Are the chairs on the umbrella? a) No, they aren't. b) No. They are under the umbrella. c) Yes, they are. 8) Girls, are you in the kitchen? a) Yes, we aren't. b) No. We're in the bedroom.  c) We are in the bedroom, mum. 9) Where's the dog? a) It's on the sofa. b) It's under the chair. c) It's a cat. 10) How old is Kelly? a) He's three. b) She is three. c) She's tree. 11) Who is he? a) He's an fire fighter. b) He's a fire fighter. c) He's my dad. 12) What's that? a) That's an notebook. b) That's an old notebook. c) That's a notebook. d) That are a notebook. 13) Is it your new desk? a) Yes, it is. b) Yes, they are. c) No. It isn't my desk. 14) Is she your grandma? a) Yes, she is. b) Yes, he is. c) Yes! She is happy. 15) Is the cat in the living room? a) No, it isn't. It's in the bedroom. It's on the bed. b) No, it isn't. It's in the bathroom. c) Yes, it is. It's on the table.

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