1) Something that is not successful a) A branch b) A boom c) A flop d) A chain 2) TOYOTA factories _________ millions of cars every year a) Import b) Manufacture c) Launch d) Set up 3) When two companies or businesses become one a) Expand b) Grow c) Produce d) Merge 4) A shop or office that is part of a large organisation a) Branch b) The Market Leader c) Recession d) Head office 5) The opposite of a Boom period is a period of a) flop b) recession c) drop d) close down 6) To become Larger a) Produce b) Launch c) Export d) Expand 7) The top product/company in it's sector a) Head office b) A boom c) The market leader d) Take over 8) When one company gains control of another a) To Launch b) To set up c) To take over d) To become 9) Many Shops/restaurants etc owned by same company a) Small business b) Chain c) A new product d) A boom 10) To start to sell a new product for the 1st time a) Launch b) Export c) Import d) Produce




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