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Calvin - What's one thing you want to do this year?, Leila - When do you feel happiest?, Nojus - What makes you mad?, Finley - What is the funniest word?, Josh - What is the hardest thing to do?, Selena - If you had one wish, what would you wish for?, Eloise - What is the easiest thing to do?, Oskar - Tell me the silliest word you know., Lily - What is your favourite game to play?, Alyssa - My favourite thing about myself is... , Joseph - What is your favourite thing to do outside?, Abhishek - Something I really like is... , Elliott - How do you know that you are a good friend?, Oscar - What makes a good friend?, Talia - Show me what a good learner does., Ava - When are you most creative?, Klaudia - What makes you curious?, Macey - Who are your heroes?, Bethany - What should I be asking you but I’m not?, Igor - What makes you a good learner?, Jack - What do you want me to know about you?, Aron - What makes you happy?, Brooklyn - How do I know that you are a good friend?, Garbriel - What is the easiest thing to do?, Desmond - Tell me the biggest number that you know., Sofia - What is the trickiest word to spell?, Zachary - What is your shoe size?, Cyprian - What is one thing that you want to learn this year?, Christian - Tell me something that makes you laugh., Imogen - What is your favourite thing to do?,

Pine First day questions


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