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How does it make you feel?, Why do you feel that way?, What one thing would you change about it?, Can you explain what you just read?, Is it an effective text? How?, What other texts or films could you compare this to?, What question would you like to ask about it?, Which is the most important part?, Why is this text so important?, What do you think the author's intention was?, What further predictions can you make from this?, Does any section have more than one meaning?, Why do you think this particular setting was chosen?, Why do you think this was told from the point of view it was?, What do we have to believe from this text?, Which person / character in the text is most likeable? Why?, Which person / character in the text is most relateable? Why?, Which person / character in the text is easiest to dislike? Why?, Is this text truthful?, Does the author appeal to your emotions in any way?, Are there any words you don't understand? What could they mean?, Does the author use any persuasive language?, How does the text begin and end? Does it 'work'?, Is the text written in first/second/third person?, What do you need to know about society for this text to make sense?.

Analysing a Text


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