I am certain that enrolling on this course will benefit me and it will allow me to be more confident in my workplace., Certainly, this course will improve my maths skills, which will be very valuable for the next step in my career., Generally, the course was very appropriate, however it should have given more instructions about the new system., In my opinion this training will help me to improve my skills and is relevant in my current position., Yes, I am satisfied with this course, therefore I would like to recommend this course to others., I am sure I will put in practise most of the methods of work that I have learnt during the course., We were taught how to work as a team and individually, collaborating towards the company's development.., I can strongly recommend this training because it was very intensive and advanced., The content of the course was very detailed, which gave me additional skills and knowledge., Learning how to work as a team will be beneficial for the company, as we all need to collaborate with each other.,

2. L2: Training Vocabulary - Sentences (2023)




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