1) Jack has egg _______________________ because he couldn't remember how to spell "Batman"! a) on his teeth b) on his face c) on his shirt d) on his fingers 2) As the maestro lifted his baton the theatre was so still you could hear _______________________. a) his heartbeat b) a pin drop c) bird wings d) the drum beating 3) I don't agree with you, but your idea certainly gives me food_______________________. a) for fun b) for consider c) for thought d) for thinking 4) I think I understand the nuts and _______________________ of the operation. a) screws b) hammer c) nails d) bolts 5) I'm afraid hip hop isn't my cup of _______________________. a) tea b) java c) coffee d) wine 6) Just a moment... I've got the answer on the _______________________ of my tongue. a) top b) tap c) tip d) back 7) Look, I will pay you back. Would you please call the_______________________?! a) hunters off b) tigers off c) dogs off d) apes off 8) Ever since he married Jane, he's had a new _______________________ on life. a) rent b) lease c) title d) loan 9) Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I guess I really put my _______________________ in my mouth. a) foot b) hand c) elbow d) knee 10) I'll be back in the twinkling of _______________________. a) an eye b) a lightning bolt c) a smile d) a laugh 11) My friend is as _______________________ these days. He never gets time to relax. a) busy as an ant b) busy as a bee c) busy as children d) busy as sheep 12) You need to_______________________ for this problem. It requires a lot of concentration. a) place your thinking cap b) wear some good clothes c) put on your thinking cap d) put on your helmet 13) Frank went from _______________________ in his life. He started with nothing and ended up a very rich person. a) rags to riches b) riches to rags c) bad to better d) good to best 14) My boss _______________________ at work because it was my first week. a) played me the ropes b) asked me the ropes c) showed me the ropes d) told me the ropes 15) I'm sure the situation will improve. It will _______________________. a) work out for the better b) work out for the best c) work into the best d) work out of the best




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