1) she ___________ (stay) at home all day today. (ela irá ficar em casa o dia todo hoje) a) are going to stay b) is going to stay c) is staying 2) My family ___________ (do) exercise at the gym next week. (minha família irá fazer exercícios na academia semana que vem)) a) is going to do b) are going to doing c) is going 3) I _________ (have) dinner at a restaurant next month. (Eu irei jantar em um restaurante mês que vem) a) am having b) am going have c) am going to have 4) My cat Lulu _________ (travel) with us next vacation  a) are going to travel  b) is going to travel c) are going to traveling 5) " You are going to buy a video game." - Qual a forma de pergunta desta frase? a) You are going to buy ... ? b) are we going to buy ... ? c) are you going buying ... ? d) are you going to buy ... ? 6) " we are going to eat that." - Qual a forma negativa desta frase? a) we aren't going to eat that b) are we going not to eat that c) we are going to eat that not d) we are going to not eat that 7) " Kendra is going to work at the company next Friday." - Qual a forma de pergunta desta frase? a) Are you going to work ... ? b) is she going to work ... ? c) Kendra is going to work... ? d) is Kendra going work ... ? 8) I - study a) is going to study b) are going to study c) am going to study d) am going to studying 9) she - see a movie a) am going seeing a movie b) is going to seeing a movie c) is going to see a movie d) are going to see a movie 10) they - play a) they are going to play b) they are go to playing c) they are going to playing d) they are playing 11) I - write a) I am going to writing b) I am going to write c) I am go to writing d) Am i going to write 12) you - call - not a) you are going not to call b) you isn't going to call c) you are going to call not d) You are not going to call 13) Pedro - sleep - ? a) are Pedro going to sleep ... ? b) you are going to sleep ... ? c) Is Pedro going to sleep ... ? d) Is pedro not going to sleep ... ? 14) I _____ going to drink more water next week. a) is b) are c) am 15) You _____ going to pay me tomorrow. a) is b) are c) am




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