1) When I was a child I ____ like peanuts. a) didn't use to b) wouldn't c) both are correct 2) In the morning he _______ sit on the front porch and read. a) used to . b) would. c) both are possible. 3) .Which sentence is NOT correct?? a) I would go shopping with her every Friday. b) I would have very blond hair. c) She would call me after class to chat. 4) I _______ wear glasses when I was at university. a) didn't use to.. b) wouldn't.. c) both are correct.. 5) When the weather was bad, I _______ stay home and read comic books. a) used to b) would c) both are possible 6) How many friends _______ have? a) did you use to b) would you c) both are possible 7) When I was a child, we _______ live in the countryside. a) used to... b) would... c) both are possible.... 8) On Sundays, my mum _______ wake us up and cook pancakes. a) ...used to b) ...would c) ...both are possible 9) My brother and I _______ fight all the time. a) ..used to b) ..would c) ..both are possible 10) Which sentence is NOT correct ????? a) My grandmother would have long, fair hair.   b) We would go swimming every Friday.   c) We would go to the zoo every summer. 11) .Which sentence is correct? a) I didn’t used to like cabbage.   b) I didn’t use to like cabbage.   c) I never use to like cabbage. 12) My mum _____ my hair in the kitchen. a) would to cut   b) would use to cut   c) would cut

gold u2 used to/ would




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