1) What is the blender for? a) A pot is a container used for cooking or heating a certain amount of water. These vessels, which can be built with various materials (steel, clay, etc.), have handles or handles that allow handling without burning. b) To eat c) household appliance used to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables by centrifugation. It is known as a blender in Spain and as an electric juicer or juice extractor d) To friet 2) What is the mixer for? a) A fork is a table utensil that consists of a handle and a head with long, nail-like teeth (usually four prongs) and is used to prick or hold a piece of food. b) appliance used for blending, mixing and kneading soft foods. ... It is called a mixer in Latin America and, in Spain, a mixer. Blender (shredding), blender, household appliance with an electric motor that rotates blades that grind food. c) A spoon is a utensil that consists of a small concave head at the end of a handle, used mainly to serve or eat a liquid or semi-liquid food, and some solid foods such as rice and cereal that cannot be easily lifted with a fork. d) To yes 3) What is the sandwich maker for? a) To eat yucca b) A sandwich maker or sandwich maker is a special toaster for toasting sliced ​​bread with some ingredient inside, better known as sandwiches or sandwiches. ... Generally, they are designed to toast two sandwiches at the same time. The plates are heated by means of electrical resistances inside the apparatus. c) The measuring spoon or measuring spoon is a spoon used to measure quantities (volumes) of substances that can be liquid or powder. It is used in the kitchen and in the laboratory as a standardizing element for the use of small quantities. It is available in plastic, metal, and other rigid materials. d) to be able to fry the arrachcha

What are cooking elements for?




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