I love the smell of __________ in the morning, Enrique doesn't come to class on Fridays because he prefers to __________, In my opinion, we need a __________ to learn better English in class, It was so hot yesterday, my __________ melted, My brother never __________ , I saw a __________ cat on the bus, I'm so hungry I could eat a __________, My English teachers are __________, My dog likes to eat _________, I am going to __________ tomorrow, I have never __________, The restaurant was terrible – I found a __________ in my soup, English is more difficult than __________, __________ is the best pizza, Harry Potter's middle name is __________, When I'm older I want to be a __________, You should always wear a __________ in the winter, I was so tired this morning, I tried to eat my breakfast with a __________ .




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