1) Where does Clumsy go? 2) What does he want to do? 3) Is the garden grey in summer? 4) What trees are there in the garden? 5) Where are the flowers? 6) What colour are the flowers? 7) Who does Clumsy see in the garden? 8) What does the hedgehog do? 9) What does the hedgehog plant? 10) What does he do in spring? 11) What does he cover and water? 12) What does he wait for? 13) What happens in summer with the small seeds? 14) Why doesn't the hedgehog like the worms? 15) What are the worms doing now? 16) Does the bear want the hedgehog's help? 17) Does the hedgehog need the bear's help? 18) What does the hedgehog have? 19) What does Clumsy have to do? 20) Does the hedgehog know how to get rid of the worms? 21) Do you like to plant something? Why? 22) If you need someone's help, do you help them, too? 23) Do you know how to get rid of the worms? 24) Will Clumsy get rid of the worms? 25) Will Clumsy give apples to the worms? 26) What will the little bear do with the worms? 27) Where will he go after it?

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