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Aerobic endurance - The cardiovascular system can work efficiently to working muscles during sustained physical activity, Muscular Endurance - The ability of the muscles to work for a long period of time , Flexibility - The range of movement around the joint, Speed - Distance divided by time taken, measured in metersper second (m/s). There are 3 basic types: acceleration/pure andendurance., Muscular Strength - The maximum force that a muscle to muscle groupcan produce. This is measures in kilograms (Kg) or Newtons (N), Body Composition  - The relative ratio of body fat mass to fat freemass (organs/muscles/bone) in the body., Agility - The ability to move quickly and precisely orchange direction without losing balance or time., Balance - The ability to maintain your centre of mass over abase of support.2 types: dynamic and static, Coordination - The ability of parts of the body to work togetherto move smoothly and accurately, Power - The work done in a unit of time.Power = force (kg) x Distance (m)/ Time, Reaction Time - The time taken for a performer to respond to astimulus. Eg a gun shot in athletics,

Components of Fitness


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