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Something we think is true, although we might not have proof. - Assumption, Breaking a problem down into smaller parts. - Decomposition, A way of representing things, processes and systems. - Modelling, Anything that can be changed, controlled and measured in a computer model. - Variable, Removing unnecessary or unimportant information in a problem. - Abstraction, A type of process that comes into a computer model to change the variables. - Input, Repeating a step in an algorithm or computer program. - Iteration, A type of process that goes out of a computer model to change the variables. - Output, Something that happens to change variables in a computer model. - Process, Shows in one diagram what might many words to explain. - Representation, A way to plan algorithms or programs which uses words instead of drawings to show computational thinking. - Pseudocode, Used to model changes in a system over time. - Time Steps,

Matrix 3 Chapter 1 - Match up

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