sweet shop - First, I’m going to the _______ to get some chocolate., chemist - Then, I’ve got to get some more cough medicine from the _______ ., market - And I mustn’t forget to go to the _______ for some fresh fruit., department store - Afterwards, I’ll go to the large _______ to look for a new sofa., clothes shop - And they’ve got a variety of really pretty socks in the _______ so I’ll go there next., bookshop - Then I’ll walk back into the town centre and go to the new _______ where I’ll find a new dictionary for Jill., internet café - And before I go home, I’ll take a look at the new _______. The Wi-Fi there is free. I’ll get a cup of coffee and some apple cake!,

P3 T7 13&14 ex2 Shops




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