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1) you can't be forced to tell on yourself a) 1st b) 2nd c) 5th d) 6th 2) you don't have to let soldiers stay in your home a) 3rd b) 9th c) 4th d) 10th 3) you have the right to a lawyer a) 8th b) 1st c) 5th d) 6th 4) The authorities need a warrant to search your home, car, or phone a) 8th b) 4th c) 5th d) 7th 5) you can't be asked to pay unreasonable fines or fees a) 7th b) 5th c) 8th d) 6th 6) You don't have to tell on yourself a) 5th b) 6th c) 1st d) 9th 7) you have more rights than those in the Constitution a) 6th b) 10th c) 5th d) 9th 8) The government can only do what it says in the Constitution a) 5th b) 10th c) 6th d) 9th 9) you can have a jury trial if someone wants you to pay for damages more than $1500 a) 7th b) 9th c) 8th d) 6th 10) you can't be charged for a serious crime without a formal charge from a court a) 6th b) 9th c) 8th d) 5th

Bill of Rights


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