1) Have you ____ paid less than £2 for pizza?  a) ever b) even 2) ____ expensive were Jan’s new pair of designer jeans?  a) How b) Who 3) You can use pounds or euros in the shop____ in the square.  a) what’s b) that’s 4) I’ve read the set ____ instructions for the camera but I don’t understand a thing!  a) from b) of 5) Bill hasn’t passed his driving test ____ but he’s bought a car! a) already b) yet 6) I’ve never ____ good at drama. I’m not confident enough.  a) was b) been 7) I know someone who ____ all the way across the desert last year.  a) has ridden b) rode 8) Harry and I have ____ seen Ben in the bank! He was getting some euros for his trip to Ireland. a) just b) yet 9) I’ve never told ____ my laptop password.  a) anyone b) no one 10) My sister ____ the party about ten minutes ago.  a) left b) has left




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