1. True or False, As a follower of Imām Mahdī (ʿaj), we should help the needy and pray on time. - True, True or False, Allah made jinns from clay. - False, True or False, The angel on your left shoulder is responsible for writing your bad deeds - True, True or False, A good leader always reads the Qurʾān, prays on time, and respects parents - True, True or False, We have 124,000 Prophets - True, There are __________ Roots of Religion (Usul-e-Din) - 5, Adālah means - Allah is Just, The first Prophet is Ḥaḍrat ____ - Ādam, The title al-Mahdī means __ - the guided one, The angel on our right shoulder records - good deeds, Name the second Imām (ʿa) - Imām Ḥasan (ʿa), What does Qiyāmah mean? - The Day of Judgment, What does ar-Raḥmān mean? - The All-Kind, What does “Muḥammadur Rasūlullāh” mean? - Muḥammad is the Messenger of Allah (swt), Who is our 12th Imām (ʿaj)? - Imām Muḥammad al-Mahdī (ʿaj),




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