1) This house consists of many floors. a) terraced house b) block of flats c) detached house 2) It has only one floor. a) detached house b) farmhouse c) bungalow 3) A modern luxurious house. a) bedsitter b) villa c) bungalow 4) A small house, usually in the countryside. a) cottage b) semi-detached house c) bedsitter 5) It's the highest type of building where you can live. a) bungalow b) skyscraper c) block of flats 6) Two houses joined together. a) terraced house b) cabin c) semi-detached house 7) A small and simple house made of wood. a) cottage b) cabin c) flat 8) Lots of houses joined together. a) semi-detached house b) detached house c) terraced house 9) A tall building divided into apartments or offices. a) tower block b) penthouse c) block of flats 10) A large luxurious house. a) farm house b) mansion c) apartment




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