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Detective - Character trying to solve the mystery, Witnesses - Characters who saw the 'crime' being committed, Suspects - Characters who had motive and are thought to have possibly committed the crime, Problem - Something that has happened that needs investigating and solving - could be a theft, a murder, a missing person etc, Setting - Where the main part of the story happens. Needs to be relevant to the mystery that needs solving, Clues - Hints and evidence that help the detective to solve the mystery, Red Herring - Distractions and false clues that lead the detective off track, Plot - Beginning - Introduce the characters and the problem; Middle - Detective works to solve the mystery; End - Mystery is solved and culprit is named, Motive - Reason for the 'crime' being committed, Intrigue - Lures the reader in and makes them curious about the events of the story, Solution - Reason why the 'crime' was committed and the name of the person responsible, Language - Appropriate vocabulary based on the setting, time era, character and formality of the story,

Features of a Detective Story

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