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1) The multiple Mega is a) 1000 b) 1000000 c) 100 d) 10 2) The submultiple kilo is a) 1000 b) 1000000 c) 10 d) 100 3) The best conductor is? a) gold b) copper c) silver d) carbon 4) Which of the following is an insulator? a) mica b) aluminium c) carbon d) steel 5) A fuse and an electric kettle operate through a) thermal b) magnetism c) chemical d) nuclear 6) Conventional current flows from a) negative to positive b) positive to negative 7) A battery operates on a) chemical b) magnetism c) heat 8) A gas pipe is a) exposed b) extraneous c) extralastic 9) metal conduit is  a) exposed b) extraneous c) extralastic 10) Earthing should be a) low resistance b) high resistance 11) a solenoid operates through a) chemical b) heat c) magnetism 12) A type of battery that can be re-charged is called? a) primary cell b) secondary cell 13) An excessive long cable could result in which ofthe following? a) volt drop b) current drop c) power drop d) resistance drop 14) Magnetic flux is measured in?                                   a) weber b) tesla 15) Which protective device detects an imbalance between line and neutral? a) Circuit breaker b) Fuse c) RCD 16) The positive aspect of an atom is called? a) proton b) electron c) neutron 17) Which of the following is known as the opposition to current flow?   a) resistance & impedance b) resistance & voltage c) resistance & current d) resistance & power


by Robert6p


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